Kim Joon cast as a cop in new drama

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Kim Joon cast as a cop in new drama

Post by sweet ossy on Mon Jan 17, 2011 5:47 am

Kim Joon cast as a cop in new drama

T-Max rapper and newbie actor Kim Joon (whom you may recall as the “Yo-yo-yo!” bro from Boys Before Flowers) is joining the cast of Serious Crime Squad, the cop drama starring Kim Seung-woo and Song Il-kook. With such big names at the top, I’m betting the still-very-unpolished Kim Joon will have a smallish supporting role, but I do love his character description: a cowardly cop. Ha! Bring it on.

Serious Crime Squad is a procedural police drama that is adopting the ripped-from-the-headlines tactic that has served Law & Order so well for years upon years. Each of the detectives has a distinct personality and the episodes will showcase various investigative techniques. The show is being promoted as “refreshing and satisfying, with a realistic feel.”

Kim Joon’s character is Shin Dong-jin, specializing in cyber-crime investigation. He excels in his field but has an innately timid and fearful personality; the sight of a corpse tends to make him faint, which is, unsurprisingly enough, frowned upon by his colleagues. As such, he’s described as a unique character who’s rather unpredictable.

Sunwoo Sun has also been cast, and for a relative latecomer to the acting scene, she’s proven to be pretty strong with roles as a spoiled chaebol in Queen of Housewives and a spoiled chaebol in Will It Snow For Christmas. Okay, that makes her sound limited in range, but her two characters were pretty disparate in personality, and I think she’d make a kickass cop. Joining her as the other female lead amongst a mostly-male cast is Park Sun-young, who played the feisty (and rabbit-toothed, lol) lawyer in Sons of Sol Pharmacy.

Serious Crime Squad will follow Dream High on Mondays and Tuesdays, and premieres on February 28.

Source: Daily K Pop News

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