The “Flower Boy curse”?

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The “Flower Boy curse”? Empty The “Flower Boy curse”?

Post by sweet ossy on Mon Sep 06, 2010 2:40 am

The “Flower Boy curse”?

The “Flower Boy curse”? Soff20

As you probably heard, Kim Hyun Joong’s new drama <Playful Kiss> only received 3.5% in viewer ratings. Thinking about the other boys of F4, people have started to notice a pattern and dubbed the F4′s unfortunate events as the “Flower Boy curse”.

Kim Bum was the first to take on another project after <Boys Over Flowers> ended, and <Dream> fared better than <Playful Kiss>, although only by a measly 1.5%. It must be a great disappointment for Kim Bum since he worked with a well known actor, Joo Jin Mo, and an idol singer, Son Dam Bi. Later, Kim Bum sought after another drama, <The Woman Who Still Wants To Get Married>. Kim Bum had high hopes, as he was working with a more well-known cast, but the result was the same. Both of his dramas had an average of 5% viewer ratings.

The “Flower Boy curse”? Soff17

Next is Lee Min Ho, who is the most successful out of the 4. He picked and chose his projects carefully, and <Personal Taste> was met with moderate success. It couldn’t compare to the 30% ratings that <Boys Over Flowers> had, but I’m sure Kim Bum would sleep soundly if his drama had the same ratings as <Personal Taste>, which was on average 15%.

Kim Joon stayed away from acting after <Boys Over Flowers>, but he could not escape the “Flower Boy curse”. Late last year, Kim Joon joined the variety show <Invincible Baseball Team>, but his position gradually diminished, as not many people paid attention to him.

The “Flower Boy curse”? Soff5

Lastly, Kim Hyun Joong has always enjoyed a good level of popularity since his debut, being the leader of SS501. Although the low ratings may not be entirely his fault (<Baker King / Kim Tak Goo> is dominating the ratings), but other dramas such as <My Girlfriend is a Gumiho> is doing moderately well. Was the low ratings due to bad execution of the drama, or was he simply a victim of the “Flower Boy curse”?

4 different flowers met with 4 different kinds of misfortune. Only time will tell us if the curse will subside.

The “Flower Boy curse”? Soff4

I dont know why the rate in Korea still very low, but i think in Indonesia, when the drama about them will release, everyone waiting and very i right BOFLover ??? Surprised Surprised Surprised

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