KIM HYUN JOONG-Baek Seung Jo’s Dairy TAIWAN VERSION-for charity

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KIM HYUN JOONG-Baek Seung Jo’s Dairy TAIWAN VERSION-for charity

Post by nikky32 on Fri Dec 10, 2010 12:26 pm

Here are the information of the product

【特威預購三合一 善款全數捐出】金賢重「惡作劇之吻-勝祖日記」電視寫真台壓版、華麗旗艦12套卡組、PLAY娛樂誌2011一月號★新台幣688元整
【Three in one pre-order, all sales will be donated to charity】
1. Kim Hyun Joong [Mischievous Kiss - Seung Jo's Dairy] Taiwan version
2. luxury flagship 12-set postcards (including envelops)
3. Play magazine 2011 January Issue (Kim Hyun Joong Cover)
Price: TWD 688

Here are the details for the VIP drawing

凡購買本愛心產品【金賢重「惡作劇之吻-勝祖日記」電視寫真台壓版、華麗旗 艦12套卡組、PLAY娛樂誌2011一月號】的所有愛心朋友,都有機會抽參加12月26日下午四至五點(北市:京華城11樓 雅悅會館)「金賢重&鄭素敏 影迷見面會」入場資格,共10位VIP!而且座位位置安排挺前面,絕對近距離!
Anyone who buys this product will have a chance to win the VIP ticket for [Kim Hyun Joong & Jung So Min Fan meeting] by lucky draw. There are 10 VIP in total. They will be arranged to the front seats and meet with them (KHJ and BSJ) at a close distance.

★抽選愛心VIP粉絲會資格人數,日期2010年12月1日晚間七點 到12月21日下午五點止。(但本賣場愛心活動則到12月31日晚間十點止)。
To be qualified for the draw, you have to put your order between 7pm Dec 1st, 2010 and 5pm Dec 21st, 2010. (But the charity sale will end in 10pm Dec 31st, 2010)

The draw will be at 2pm Dec 22nd, 2010. 10 lucky fans for the VIP tickets will be announced at 5pm the same day.

Redheart aircamel will check the identity of the 10 lucky fans for the VIP tickets at Dec 23rd, 2010, between 10am and 7pm.

To be qualified for the draw, you have to complete the step CONFIRMED PAYMENT,Any one who only puts down the order but doesn’t confirm their payment won’t be qualified for the draw

There are 10 VIP guests in total. The VIP guests cannot bring any accompanies to the fan meeting.

Purchase of one set of product is counted as one quota for the draw. purchase of two sets of product will be counted as two quota of the draw. for example, There are 627 people qualified for the draw, and there are 801 sets of product sold. If someone buys 7 sets of product, her chance will be 7/801.

You can put your order through the official website (redheart). If you read Chinese, please read the instruction carefully. For questions and overseas orders, you can contact


日/韓/內地 區域 (Japan/Korea/Mainland China)
HJTW金賢重台灣後援會 (
Contact: 嬙嬙小姐
Taiwan Cellphone:0981676031

香港/美國/澳洲/其他 地區 (Hong Kong/US/Australia/and other)
Taiwan Cellphone:0933892738

新加坡/馬來西亞 區域 (Singapore/Malaysia)
MATW薄荷天使 (
Contact: 魷魚小姐
Taiwan Cellphone:0955218159

credit: link Fallen for a Star/
The official website :Redheart
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