Beta Release of the Forums.

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Beta Release of the Forums.  Empty Beta Release of the Forums.

Post by arzzzae on Wed Jul 21, 2010 1:12 am

The site will be open for it's beta release on June 24 2010.
Everyone can register. Feel Free to use and suggest anything.
Even if the forums is still in beta, I want full cooperation.
Don't do something rude, nasty or any kind of unwanted behavior.

For those who want to be a moderator please send me an
email and please highlight your qualification for the moderator job.

You can send emails at this email address:

Use the following format:

Failure to answer the questions and not in the right format may lead to disqualification.


Country Of Origin:
Email Address
Contact Information: (Such as IMs. yahoo messanger, facebook chat, aol, etc.)

Why should I choose you?
What can you contribute to the site? forums? etc.
Any experience as a moderator?
If so what forums it is?

Your personal letter here. Add anything. Your Hobbies? Be nice Very Happy

<Your name>

I will only need 10 moderators for now so do your best to be accepted.
And by the way. Enjoy The forums. Twisted Evil

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