Nam Sang Mi is the lead in Goo Hye Sun’s new movie

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Nam Sang Mi is the lead in Goo Hye Sun’s new movie

Post by kim_chie on Tue Sep 14, 2010 2:28 am

Director Goo Hye Sun is finalizing the second half of her new short film, “You“.
The story centers around a father and a daughter, and it has a fantasy feel to it, just like her previous film, “Magic“. The female lead is actress Nam Sang Mi, and the father figure is taken up by actor Choi Il Hwa.

“You” is Goo Hye Sun’s third project, with her first being short film “Cheerful Caretaker“, and her second being full-length film “Magic”.

After finishing up filming at Gyeonggido Namyangju General Center on the 7th, Goo Hye Sun tweeted ‘Thanks to Nam Sang Mi, who didn’t show any fatigue and worked hard until the end.’

Goo Hye Sun really is multi-talented. I wish her the best of luck on her projects. Very Happy

sources: allkpop
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