Kim Hyun Joong "HOTSUN" chicken 2010

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Kim Hyun Joong "HOTSUN" chicken 2010  Empty Kim Hyun Joong "HOTSUN" chicken 2010

Post by nikky32 on Wed Sep 01, 2010 3:17 am

Welcome to the 2010 World Cup and aggressive promotions continue this Thurs May 13 at 15:00.

The HOTSUN chicken (CEO Kim Dong-jin, meeting will be held in the foundation at Hongdae main branch.

Lately, Kim Hyun Joong and HOTSUN chicken conducted arenewal of contract and welcome to the World Cup, and various events inprogress for customers and merchants who are trying to give love toshare over the last year.

English Translation:
Credit: gellie @ DailyKpopNews

Kim Hyun Joong "HOTSUN" chicken 2010  20100510
HOTSUN chicken Kim Hyun Joong celebrity exclusive models.

Kim Hyun Joong "HOTSUN" chicken 2010  20100511
HOTSUN chicken Gangnam branch.

Hyun Joong is so handsome... ^^
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