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We, the International BOF administrators/moderators, aim to create a community where the members respect each other and there is order, both externally and internally, and as legitimate members of this society, we all have an obligation to abide by the forum's rules and regulations.
If you have signed up as a member, then you have already read and agreed to Terms Of Service (TOS).


Profile Editing

Be honest.
Fill up the registration and profile form correctly and properly. Assure that any information written there may not and will not be used against you.

Know your limits.
Avatars can be uploaded directly to the International BOF Forums. The upload tool may be seen on your profile page.

Proper decorum should be applied
Obscenity, vulgarity, profanity, threats and insults shall not be tolerated with regard to avatars and other images. Maintaining the clean and wholesome nature of this forum must always be kept in mind.

Posting Messages

Post where appropriate.
You may have noticed that we have a detailed sectioning of the sub-forums. Post your message where it should be.

Stick to the topic.
The comments and questions posted should be relevant to the focus of the thread. The administrators/moderators may move off-topic posts to prevent deviation from the discussion. However, since this may not be done so all the time, please be responsible enough to avoid replying to such off-topic posts or refrain from starting the same.

Type your messages properly.
Posting messages means you want your messages to be read and understood. Therefore, typing messages in ALL CAPS, n txt 4mat or ~iN *a* F_a_N_c_Y mAnNeR~ is highly discouraged. Do not use ALL CAPS unless it is really necessary for emphasis. This rule should always be remembered to facilitate easy and comfortable reading for everyone.

Post to be heard.
We post because we want people to know what's on our mind. Given this, please refrain from posting only smileys or short one liners such as "yes" or " i agree" or "grrr..."

Use the benefits of private messaging.
To avoid deviating from one topic to another and to facilitate a smooth flow of discussion in the threads, consider using private messaging if your post concerns only a number of people.

Avoid flooding.
Refrain from dominating over the thread by creating several posts consecutively in one topic. If you have a lot to say, confine your ideas and comments in one post only. If you forgot something, you can always go back and edit it. In case of double posts, please be responsible enough to delete the second one.

Give credit to whoever it is due.
Your post means that that idea or information came from you. When posting information from elsewhere, give credit to the person, site, magazine or any material where you got it to avoid infringing on the other person's rights. This should be done especially when quoting articles from other sites or forums or certain reading materials. Including the date or month of issue of the magazine or reading material is highly encouraged.

Special mention will be given to scanned pictures and articles from magazines, newspapers and the like.
Do not forget to cite the name of the material and its date or month of issue.

Posting Contents and Decorum

Observe proper decorum. As mentioned earlier, we aim to have a forum where each member respects the other. Therefore, no bashing of anyone or anything (not even so-called International BOF rivals, crtitics or oppressors) is allowed. Obscene, abusive, vulgar, sexually-oriented, profane threatening or insulting materials, statements or language shall not be tolerated. Administrators/moderators reserve the right to delete any post of such character and to deal with the liable poster according to their discretion. In case you come across a post or comment which is objectionable, do not hesitate to call our attention. If you would like to express disagreement or disapproval to any post, express your views in a manner which considers the other poster's feelings. Avoid posting vile comments.

Special emphasis is given to fan fictions, fan arts and the like. True, these are products of the creator's imagination and, in a manner of speaking, the creator's way of showing or illustrating his/her feelings. We do acknowledge that. However, fan fictions which are sexually-oriented or violative of any law are not and will not be tolerated. Give a little respect to the younger members, especially to the Boys Over Flowers. This is the forum of the official fan club. We do not want the BOF casts to think their fans are immoral.

Quote properly. If there is really no need to quote, just refrain from doing so. Instead, address the poster concerned. If you are the second poster, quoting the first poster is not necessary. You are obviously replying to his/her post. When quoting, quote only the relevant part you are replying to. Edit out those which are not needed. Do not quote the entire post if not necessary.

Avoid posting any unofficial information. Starting rumors in this forum is greatly discouraged, if not abhorred. Post only information which you can vouch for as true, or close to being true. Unless you have personal knowledge that such information is true or such information came from a reliable source, better not post it. We do not want to create any chaos in the lives of the BOF casts and we do not want to be the source of the same.

Post images in threads only if necessary. We have galleries wherein you can post your share of BOF pics. Post images in threads only if necessary. Aside from the fact that they take up much space and slow down the loading, they tend to appear out of place in forum discussions.

Pictures take a lot of bandwidth. When posting images in the boards, make sure that the image does not exceed 500 pixels in width. This is to ensure that the forum's layout will not be compromised. If the picture is too big, it will automatically be resized. Pictures may be uploaded on your own webspace or a free image hosting site, such as the following:

- ImageShack.Us

Advertising is not tolerated. This is a fan forum. The purpose of which is to provide a place for BOF fans to communicate with each other. Advertising one's merchandise will not be tolerated. If you plan to sell stuff, it is recommended that you advertise somewhere else, like E-bay for example.

Creating a New Thread

Stick to the subject. The labeling of the sub-forums is easy to understand. In creating new topics, make sure that you are in the appropriate sub-forum so as to facilitate order and easy reading for everyone. If you feel lost in the sub-forums listed, opt to go to the "Anything Goes" portion instead.

Avoid double threads. Believe it or not, there is joy in lurking. Look through the previous topics first before thinking of creating a new one. They tend to confuse the posters who would want to comment on the same and they tend to disorganize the forum.

Type the titles properly. Just like message posts, please avoid using ALL CAPS, txt 4matng and ~*FaNcY_tYpInG*~ in your titles. Moreover, make sure that the title reflects what the thread or the discussion is all about. Avoid using titles which tend to catch one's attention but the thread ends up containing nothing related to the same.

File Requesting and Sharing

Use the proper heading. Requests for files and sharing of files should be done in the proper sub-forum. When requesting, use [REQ:] as a heading. For example, REQ: Lee Min Ho dancing the samba. Posters in a charitable mood may use the heading [SHR]: when sharing something which is not really requested by anyone. For example, SHR: BSB red carpet interview in Seoul.

Put all the necessary details. When requesting for a certain file and you prefer that such file be uploaded to a certain site, please say so. Give due consideration to the kind person who granted your wish. You have to be aware that uploading a certain file takes a lot of effort too. Videos and other files may be uploaded to external hosting sites, such as:

- (File uploads expire after 7 days)

Be patient. Do not expect your request would be given in a snap of a finger. It takes time and effort to upload files. Have enough patience to wait a while. Patience is a virtue.

Limit requests to BOF or to stuff related to them only. This does not mean we should limit our perspectives to BOF alone. However, since this is a BOF forum, we deem it proper that everything you see here would be related to BOF. If you want to request for files not related to BOF, try requesting it somewhere else or try using private messaging instead.

Avoid "flooding." When sharing a series of files, avoid creating one post per link. Instead, go back to your previous post and re-edit the same to include the new link created. This will make it easier to see.

Violations and Their Consequences

Violations will be dealt with according to the administrators'/moderators' fair judgment and discretion. The administrators/moderators reserve the right to delete or remove anything or anyone violating any of the rules and regulations herein set forth.

An offender will be given a warning in his/her first offense.

Such member's account will be temporarily suspended if he/she violates the rules and regulations the second time.

In his/her third offense, the administrators/moderators will not hesitate to delete or remove the offender's account from the members list and such person shall be banned from ever joining the forum again.


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