Goo Hye Sun acting overly cute with her clear complexion!

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Goo Hye Sun acting overly cute with her clear complexion!

Post by Soeulmates4ever on Fri Jan 28, 2011 7:18 pm

Actress Goo Hye Sun has once again become a hot issue for her clear complexion.

On January 27th, Goo Hye Sun posted two photos of herself acting overly cute, saying,

“An evening like a weekend. There isn’t much time left in January, therefore, before January passes, I’m trying to overact like I’m pretty. Ahaa. 28th spring. I look forward to it.“

In the photos, Goo Hye Sun’s flawless no-makeup face has verified her status as a terminator amongst those with honey-complexions.

Netizens commented, “28? Terminator amongst baby faces“, “It really seems that great complexion is something you are born with“, and “There doesn’t seem to be much difference before or after makeup“.

In other news, Goo Hye Sun has been admitted to Sungkyunkwan University through early acceptance and will start school in March.


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