10 Character Actor Kim Bum

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10 Character Actor Kim Bum

Post by nikky32 on Thu Dec 30, 2010 5:09 am

Among the personnel of the Korean F4, perhaps after the series finished filming BBF, kim bum is the most active. Once completed BBF, kim bum than busy filming the ad, he jugamain dream drama series (SBS, 2009), then continue with the movie
big screen and released the single flight to Japan and pictorial book.
To a newcomer, this is a remarkable achievement. In
2009, there golden years kim bum! Kim Bum is one of several
teenage actor who grew up in the eyes of the viewer screen. From kid
plain in Unstoppable High Kick up to the playboy in boys before flower.

And here are 10 characters self-Bum Kim:

1. Competition
Life competition. The word "lost" is a word that I can not accept.
Although still the age of 20 years more, kim bum style does not fit with young age. Give people the impression dewasayang at him. "Said the defeat is not in my dictionary, like game dunting, stone, paper. Recently when filming CF (Ad RC Cola in the Philippines) with Maja Salvador. When the scene Such, I also have the determination to win, and finally I won, too.

2. Success
Life success. I hate the word "failure is success delayed, because of failure to success have a huge struggle. I was the person wanted success ".

3. Concentration
Concentration. "If we can interfere with work, I can break." While on the set. Kim Bum breathing barely see his cell phone, although there are dozens of text messages, he did not want to disrupt the shooting range of emotions.

4. Temptation
Temptation. In the event MKMF Music Awards 2007 (Mnet Korean) 4 members groupband women with seductive dance kim bum. The event is hot on the netter, in the year 2007 also kim bum and one member of the girl wonder
partner in the film I like it hot there hot kissing scene. And this give rise to envy men wonder girl fans and they leave negative words, so kim bum disable his blog to temporary.

5. Inferiority
Low self. If I were a director, I would not vote themselves into players. Kim bum When will filming a serial MBC Rude Women (2006) kim bum role as a class 1 high school student who recently moved from the U.S. together
mother. At that kim bum every day memorizing scenarios and only sleeping 4 hours a day.

6. Confidence
Confidence. Since childhood, Kim Bum is like the film and the age of 3 years he has been commenting on the film in tontonnya. Football is one of the hobby since kim bum minor, kim bum breathing aspires to become a soccer player
professional ball, but at the junior high school, in a match his team defeated. Since then kim bum decided not to play ball anymore.

7. Funny
Humorous. When playing a movie Unstoppable, kim bum who is usually serious in demand to portray agedan funny. Kim Bum buy a small book, each time seeing things funny or a funny scene soon kim bum note on such a small book for get inspiration at the time required for filming, such records collected up to 3 sheets of A4 paper, then in the show director.

8. Easy
Relax. Before you become the artist kim bum never undergo special training, but his acting ability is quite good. while will play along with the seniors with various roles. Kim bum's face did not look tense. "Maybe because the face
My thick, it would not appear. And now I should not be seen nervous anymore. "he said.

9. Responsibility
Responsibility. Kim Bum is the concentration on his work, making it less following the trend of young entertainment. The song that most IN at this time he also did not know, because he always fell asleep in the car. "I was not actually do not want to relax, Tapio what can make. Receive an honorarium would be worked hard to get maximum results, so that people spend the funds were satisfied. Kim Bum is also highly respected people around him, if he did not do a mistake reluctant to apologize.

10. Modesty
Currently, kim bum who has become a popular artist in korea and asia. He did not want to be an artist whose behavior made-up in order to maintain the image. "I do not want any distance with my audience, I also love my business memilhat on screen. "

"When they want to know or are curious about something, I can not help it. When reading a synopsis or scenario, there are times when I felt the character was fight with me. I felt it when acting as Lee Dong Chul (youth) in the series East of Eden, and Lee Jang Suk in dream. Two characters are like mocking me. Try and see whether
You can do it. I do not like losing, so I had do it. "

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