Lee Minho secret during the kissing scene

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Lee Minho secret during the kissing scene

Post by nikky32 on Fri Dec 10, 2010 12:35 pm

As an actor, Lee Min Hoo must be ready to play and do any scenes with co-star. He also tried to always be professional. Lee Min Hoo could not refuse when required to do the kissing scene with co-star.

As happened during the Korean actor is filming the series 'Personal Taste'. In the series, Min Hoo reunited with actress Son Ye Jin. In one episode, Min Hoo must act kiss these beautiful artist. The actor who is on the rise is directly prepare yourself. She has special tips when doing the kissing scene in the series that starred.

"I am preparing a mint to make the scene," said Min Hoo

While we must act with a woman five years older than him, Jun Pyo Gun starring in the series 'Boys Over Flowers' was not feeling nervous. He remained relaxed and acting with maximum and natural. Men born June 22, 1987 was trying hard to get that chemistry with co-star.

"This is a drama. Where chemistry is very important. That's why I dare to express opinion in my mind, and he helped me and listen to my opinions, "said the man known by the killer smile.

Serial 'Personal Taste' did not get a good rating in the country of origin, but the series has increasingly led Min Hoo as the top actors in Korea and a new idol in the eyes of Asian women.

Since the show, a man who claimed to have been keen to learn English is selling well accept the bid advertisement or any other serial. Min Hoo very pleased to be involved in the series currently being aired in Indonesia.

"First time I play adult characters. I think this drama will build my potential for growing new role for me in the future, "he said showing off his smile.
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