Lee Min Ho is Happy for Attending Japan

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Lee Min Ho is Happy for Attending Japan

Post by chan_akakobo on Sun Nov 28, 2010 11:36 am

Lee Min Ho was so happy to go to Japan again as a UNICEF Ambassador. Lee Min Ho took a part in the social event which was held by UNICEF. He attended Asia-Pasific Global Peace and Love 2010 in Japan. Min Ho said that he was happy because he can greet his fans there while took a part in the social event.

Before the fan meet was held, Lee Min Ho attended a Press Conference of Asia-Pasific Global Peace and Love 2010 first. ” Through this public charity event, I study a lot and get a lot of new experience. There’s a happiness and sadness in this world. So, I think we have to respect what we have now. ” said Min Ho in front of the journalist. In the end of the press conference, Min Ho accepted a certificate from UNICEF. In the fan meet, Min Ho was asked to sing. Then he sang ” Falling Slowly “. Min Ho spreaded a rose to his Japanese fans too.

” November 11th is a happy day for me. I held a concert in Japan a year ago. My last arrival in Japan was on April. I don’t have much time there, so little bit disappointed. Because of that, I try to search a chance to go to Japan once again. ” wrote Min Ho in his official website (www.leeminho.kr) .

” I felt a new experience in the social event which is for everyone who became an earthquake victims and I thank you because I am invited to this meaningful event. ” he continued. ” This is a new experience for me. I feel close with everybody. Because of that, my heart is warmer. Don’t forget, Personal Taste will be aired in Japan on this November. Happy watching ! ” said Min Ho

source : Asian Plus

translated by : Aka

Hmmm ... Min Ho oppa, I hope you can visit all of the country you want and you'll enjoy to be there. For you guys, if you get a chance to be a tour guide of Lee Min Ho for one day, which place do you wanna invite him ? ( not to your house or even to your heart ! hahahahaa ) Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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