[News] Kim Hyun Joong - [Stiffened personality, often get dumped by girlfriend]

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[News] Kim Hyun Joong - [Stiffened personality, often get dumped by girlfriend] Empty [News] Kim Hyun Joong - [Stiffened personality, often get dumped by girlfriend]

Post by nikky32 on Tue Nov 23, 2010 6:02 am

[News] Kim Hyun Joong - [Stiffened personality, often get dumped by girlfriend] 972110

Kim Hyun-joong took on an interview with Korea Star Daily last week... "Why do people like me? Yeah that's right, why do they like a person like me?"

Can you actually believe Kim Hyunjoong doesn't know why people like him? In dramas, Kim Hyunjoong always appear as the soft guy, but in reality, he's actually quite stiffened in personality. Exactly because of that, Kim Hyunjoong has had many bitter-sour love experiences, "I'm rather stiffened, and though I treat my girlfriend nice, I don't tend to express myself during relationships, that's why I often get dumped in the end".

Who could have expected Kim Hyunjoong to be dumped? He continued to add that he "has many experiences of being rejected by girls after confessing. I always get dumped by my girlfriend after dating. Probably she finds no interest in dating me. As compared to opposite genders, I like to meet my friends more, so I guess I tend to neglect my girlfriend more. I can't choose between friends and lover, but I do seem to enjoy being with my friends more, and times spent together is long too. But, I still treat my girlfriend well when I'm with her".

Kim Hyunjoong is a man of few words, but is also honest and straight. As soon as he opens his mouth, he'll speak whatever's at the bottom of his heart - this, is Kim Hyunjoong's charm. He also answered frankly when asked about love, "If I'm in a relationship, I don't intend to be open about this, because this girl might be veiled with the title like 'oh she's who and who's girl'; this is very disrespectful towards the girl, I feel. This might be a torture for the girl, so I won't want to be public about it".

He expressed that he's dated showbiz people, and also non-showbiz people. He divulged his thoughts for destiny, "I believe in love at first sight, and also had such experiences. She just greeted me once only, and then I already fell deep in. I like frank people, I don't know how to deal with too womenly or meticulous people, so I enjoy dating straight and frank people. I also feel kinda awkward towards junior girls who call me oppa. The girls I dated before is quite different from my ideal type, so far, I had only dated my ideal kind of woman - once".

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