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Post by chan_akakobo on Thu Oct 14, 2010 7:52 am

Hello, guys ! Have you read our explanation in Unit 1 ? I will review what we got yesterday. Yesterday, we learn about 이것은 무엇 입니까 ? It means 'what is this'. We have already studied how to answer that question. If we want to say 'yes', you have to say 네 (nae, read as 'ne'). But if you want to say no, you have to say 아니요 (aniyo). Here is the example :

준 표 : 이것은 구두 입니까 ? ( Is this a shoes ? )

잔 디 : 네, 이 것은 구두 입니다. (Yes, it is a shoes )

Note : you have to use 입니까 ending phrase when you ask something. If you want to answer something, you have to use 입니다 ending phrase.

Another example :

가 울 : 이것은 창문 입니까? ( Is this a window ? )

이 정 : 아니요, 이것은 창문 아닙니다. ( No, this is not a window )

So in this case, if you want to make a negative sentence, you have to use 이닙니다 ending phrase. Don't forget it.

Ok, I forgot to discuss this one yesterday. We already studied about 'what is this?', but we didn't study about 'what is that ?'

If you want to say 'what is that?' in Korean, you have to say 그것은 무옷 입니까 ? . And the rules are same with what we have studied.

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