Lee Min Ho "City Hunter' Has Come

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Lee Min Ho "City Hunter' Has Come

Post by sweet ossy on Fri Oct 08, 2010 4:07 am


OMG a lot of girls?? Who will be his LEADING LADIES??

Lee Min Ho's has been casted in the role of Kang Jin and will be the main lead in SBS drama “City Hunter” which is slated to air next year. XO omo... have to wait for months-long! Revealed by Lee Min Ho's management company, Starhaus Entertainment.
This will be the first drama adaptation of the manga since it was first published 13 years ago. As we aware that City Hunter manga by Hojo Tsukasa, which is a popular manga that had been filmed by Hongkong star – Jackie Chan.

As City Hunter, Lee Min Ho will be portraying the role of a playboy, who will help beautiful female clients and falls for their beauty, but he indeed possesses great skill when solving investigations, and is also a humane character who overflows with charisma.
Since filming will commence shortly in November, Lee Min Ho will be trained for action scenes and firearms in order to portray the role of Kang Jin. He will practice with firearms and will be going through a training.
It is a new challenge for him cause he will act in action scene.

Can't wait to see his rude Gu Jun Pyo style.
Soo are you ready for his next project MINOZ.....
Prepare yourself chingudeul especially for you MINOZ...... cheers cheers cheers cheers
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