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Post by sweet ossy on Tue Oct 05, 2010 4:04 am

Kim Bum’s Childhood Story

Born With 3 Little Pigs

Kim Bum’s Childhood Story Kim_bum_is_plus_01

This is the story of another F4 star, Kim Bum, with his mum describing
his childhood life and interesting events that happened to him. As with
Lee Min Ho series, this is a true story.

Kim Bum is a child who possessed an attractive smile. Whenever he smiles
radiantly, his eyes will follow suit. Even for me, as his mother, I
would often find him attractive whenever he smiles. This is to say, Kim
Bum is someone who likes to to smile since young. Although it is a norm
for infants to smile/laugh but Kim Bum does it much more frequently.
Even if he was carried around by relatives or neighbours, he would still
laugh happily, and was truly adorable.

Kim Bum’s Childhood Story 20100301_kimbum2

Kim Bum’s charming smile can be traced back to a dream I had during my
pregnancy. One day, I dreamt of three pigs, and they were all beautiful
“flower piglets”. I carried one of them in my arms with the other two
seemingly protecting our left and right. The piglet that I carried was a
beautiful princess pig. After I woke up, I realized that it was a dream
and thought that I would give birth to a daughter.

I’m not sure if I’m too eager to have a son during that time, but I
actually dropped my tears after I woke up. However, 10 months later, I
was carrying a healthy little baby boy. This child was simply too
beautiful. The “princess piglet” was an indication of a beautiful baby

Since young, Kim Bum has been addicted to watching TVs. Especially when
singers appeared inside the show, his eyes would suddenly became
exceptional bright and he would be extremely excited. He would try to
imitate, like someone humming along with the song. I questioned myself
if he was actually born to be a singer.

All moms would say these about their child but Kim Bum is indeed
multi-talented when he was young. During his one-year old birthday
party, I let him grab the items that he wanted unlike other mothers
would usually clap and lure their child to grab the items they wished.
However, I was nervously watching beside him.

The first time he grabbed money, followed by a pencil. My original
thought was that this meant he would strike rich through studying. But
now it seems like he is further and further away from this supposed goal
of him.

Young Casanova?

Kim Bum’s Childhood Story Kim_bum_child_001

This is the second part of Kim Bum’s childhood story, with descriptions mostly about his kindergarten stage and his crazy popularity among young girls. Why crazy? Just read on and find out.

(Description from Kim Bum’s mother with IS PLUS)

Kim Bum is especially popular among girls around his age when young. One reason could be attributed to his handsome look, the other was maybe because of his maturity, that didn’t really fit his age. He often played the leadership role among the kids.

During his kindergarten, everytime the lunch break is over, the girls would often look for Kim Bum with their storybooks. They even had to compete among themselves in hopes of getting Kim Bum to select their book. This situation became even more visible when parents visited the school. As Kim Bum was the most popular among girls, I naturally became the most popular among the group of mothers.

Kim Bum is extremely hygiene conscious. Firstly, he doesn’t like to have any dirt or stains on this body. One day, his grandma told him that “building sandcastles will aid in his brain development”, and believing it, he went to the park to play with sand right after. As he was worried that the sand might glue onto his clothes, he just squat there, and used his two fingers to stir the sand. There was another time when I brought him to perm his hair but he wasn’t too satisfied with the end product, which was a curly/crooked hairstyle (likely the top picture). Therefore, he would often wear a hat onto the streets. I feel that his hygiene conscious could be one of the reasons for his affinity with girls.

Kim Bum often mentioned about his future dream, which was to film in a movie. Kim Bum loved movies, so much so that whatever he spoke were lines adapted from the movies he watched. Beginning around 3 to 4 years old, whenever he watched a movie, he could see it for the entire day, with no concept of the time passed. During his kindergarten stage, he could already make comprehensive critiques on the movies he had seen, which really amazed all of us.

During that time, children around his age would mostly prefer singing to movies, and many even aimed to be a singer when they grow up. However, Kim Bum didn’t like to sing. Sometimes, the kindergarten’s Cultural and Arts Council would let him perform on the stage, but he just stood there quietly. In actual fact, as a mother, I was a little disappointed. However, I’m pleased now that he has become an excellent actor, and most importantly realized his childhood dream. I feel that young Kim Bum actually behaved more like an adult than his mom.

Relinquished His Soccer Dreams

Kim Bum’s Childhood Story Kim_bum_young_02

Ever wonder if Kim Bum is not an actor, what would he likely to be? A soccer player. This third part brings us to his elementary and middle school stage, where his enthusiasm in soccer once caused a strain in his relationship with his father.

(Description from Kim Bum’s mother)

Kim Bum is gifted in sports and he especially loved to play soccer. Since his elementary school, he often played the pillar role in his school’s soccer team in several inter-school soccer competitions.

Kim Bum would usually be allocated the striker position in the team. Whenever I went to support him, he would always be able to score a beautiful goal, just like what would usually be seen on TV replays. This made me really proud to be his mother.

Kim Bum’s Childhood Story Kim_bum_young_01

I remember around that time, Kim Bum once aimed to be a famous footballer. When he was promoted to middle school, he joined the school’s soccer club. For this, his father raised a strong objection, which caused a temporary strain in relationship between both of them.

His father had wished for Kim Bum to concentrate fully on his studies, but if he joined the soccer club, he would definitely not be able to achieve this. However, Kim Bum did not change his stand and will because of his father’s opposition. In his third year, he even became the team captain. But one incident changed everything. In the same year, his team suffered a crushing defeat of 0 to 10 in an inter-school soccer competition. Kim Bum cried very hard after that and vowed not to play soccer anymore. And indeed that was the case after the incident. Looking at that, sometimes I would ask “if he really did like soccer before”.

As can be seen from this, Kim Bum is a person of strong-will. Even if he is temporary obsessed with certain things, he would still be able to get himself of the addiction.

Before he entered the elementary school, he had stayed in Sydney, Australia for about a year at his aunt and grandma’s place. Although he couldn’t speak English initially, he still managed to communicate with other children very naturally. He acquainted a lot of friends over there and his English language was given a great boost while in Australia. I was once worried that since he was enjoying his stay in Australia, what if he is reluctant to return to South Korea.

My worries were unfounded though. When I told him that we were about to return to Korea, he replied “great” without any hesitation. I feel that this showed the maturity level in his thoughts. Although he was extremely popular among the girls, but he did not had a girlfriend. Was that a result of his cool and decisive personality?

Road To Stardom

Kim Bum’s Childhood Story Kim_bum_csd_01

The final part of Kim Bum’s childhood story. Life isn’t always a smooth sail, especially when you are an actor. Looking for acting opportunities and even had to endure harsh criticisms by netizens are part some things a newcomer has to go through. Kim Bum is no exception.

(From Kim Bum’s mum)

Kim Bum had put in a lot of effort after he was determined to become an actor. He participated in several auditions and also attended acting classes. Beginning from his middle school, Kim was often approached by star scouts who suggested him to venture into the entertainment circle. However, after a year of hard work but yielded no results, Kim Bum began to fret.

Just at that point of time, Kim Bum joined the “Survival Star Audition” organized by KBS, which boosted his confidence significantly. “Survival Star Audition” was a platform aimed to uncover young stars in their early 20s. Kim Bum, who was 17 then, shone among the thousands of participants, and was pushed to the top ten. He however did not proceed further due to his young age, but still retained the 8th position.

Kim Bum’s Childhood Story Kim_bum_csd_02

Following “Survival Star Audition”, Kim Bum started to receive new acting opportunities. As the son of Yoo Ho Jung in “Outrageous Women” and playing in MBC’s comedy sitcom “Unstoppable High Kick”, Kim Bum garnered a little popularity. With fame comes with accusations. The internet then had gossips about him. Even though this is the part and parcel of being an actor, I still dropped my tears whenever I see those comments.

Kim Bum was persistent. He said to me, “Mum, please don’t look at the comments on the internet.” Luckily, the negative comments didn’t continue to follow. I guess it was because of my “ritual” to send the “ghosts” away.

Looking at his recent performance, I couldn’t stop but to recall the scene when he signed his contract with his management agency. I cried uncontrollably then as I was worried that he would be bounded by others. I felt like my son had been taken away from me.

Kim Bum held my hands and promised me: “Mom, please believe in me.” Indeed, right after, he did not disappoint me. Hence, I believe Kim Bum will be able to become one of the greatest actor in Korea.

(End of story)

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