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Post by sweet ossy on Tue Oct 05, 2010 12:37 am

Kim Bum’s With Sweet Day

Kim Bum’s With Sweet Day 20090413130726200h01315

Looks like our F4 boys got no rest whatsoever, do they? O_O The drama might just ended in Korea, but their popularity scale is still way up there. Lee Min Ho just got back from Thailand, and now, it’s Kim Bum’s news. But I’m glad, among the 4, Kim Bum and Lee Min Ho seem to be the healthiest. No fainting, no sign of fatigue, and what helps is that they seem to enjoy every minute of it.And since Kim Bum attended Kim Hyun Joong’s fan-meeting, it’s only right that Hyun Joong paid him in return Wink tho’ I just wish Lee Min Ho can be there too, so he completes F4. O well…
Kim Bum’s With Sweet Day 20090413090627690e70921
Actor Kim Bum greets his fans with a warm fan-meetingOn April 12, at Kwangwoon University Cultural Center, Seoul, Kim Bum held his fan-meeting to celebrate the anniversary of his 3rd year debut, as well as to greet his fans before he has to leave to Japan to promote “Boys Over Flowers” on the 15th. This event is open for all of his fans, not just his Korean fans. And around 600 fans came from Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Guatemala and Korea.Kim Bum’s fan-meeting event, “Kim Bum, With Sweet Day”, progressed smoothly, accompanied by a fellow comedian MC. Singer Shin Seung Hoon came and sang his signature song, “I believe”, and fans cheered for him as well as Kim Bum’s first appearance on stage. “Let’s have a great time. I want you all to have a great time and be happy,” he told his fans, as he cut his 3 years anniversary debut prepared for him. In addition, Kim Joon and his T-max buddy also came and performed “Paradise” for all Kim Bum’s fans.Kim Bum has prepared some personally-prepared gifts such as handcrafted pottery, such as pots, plates, teacup sets, and raffle gifts to present to his fans. Because of his role as So Yi Jung in “Boys Over Flowers”, he had to take some pottery lesson, he thought it would be wonderful to present these kind of gifts to his fans. In return, his fans prepared their notes to be read by Kim Bum (written on yellow papers), and Kim Bum found already 200 nicknames, some describe him as his character So Yi Jung, as Kim Bum himself, etc.
Kim Bum’s With Sweet Day 20090413090627690e70921
Kim Bum’s With Sweet Day 20090413085135101020176
Kim Bum’s With Sweet Day 20090413104131588a41056
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