Kim So Eun’s popularity in Taiwan soars

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Kim So Eun’s popularity in Taiwan soars

Post by kim_chie on Fri Oct 01, 2010 12:19 pm

Talented actress, Kim So Eun, has been doing very well while in Taiwan, especially with of her newly found fame that has skyrocketed due to her participation in KBS 2TV’s Good Day, which began airing in the country via Star TV.

Through a press conference released by N.O.A Entertainment, it was stated that local newspapers in the country were constantly writing about Kim So Eun, and had great interest in the star.

The company added, “Kim has become such a notable actress in many other Asian countries ever since her participation in Boys Over Flowers last year.”

She has been receiving constant love calls in the country ever since her arrival, and will continue with promotions.

sources: allkpop
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