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Important! Please Read. Empty Important! Please Read.

Post by arzzzae on Sun Jul 18, 2010 5:21 am

First of all, Let me welcome you to the newest "Boys Over Flowers" Fan Forums.
I think that you already know the importance and the reason why I, (arzzzae) and
anthella (admin) created this forum. It's all for the best of us. Yes,
This is for us. Official Forums! Yehey!

Now lets skip the introduction and let me explain to you what are the contents of this

We have four (4) major categories:

Billboard - This is where Introduction, Announcements, Ideas, and Problems are being post.
All About Boys Over Flowers - This forum is a discussion all about BOF latest trends and topic. You shouldn't miss this one.
About Them - Topics, Threads, or anything related to the main characters of BOF.
Social Lounge - This is where you will have some chat with other members/fans that is not related to the BOF series.

All major categories have its own Forums and forums have its own sub-forums, so be
careful about posting stuff. It should be in the right place or else the topic will be moved or
be deleted by some moderator.

What is a moderator?

- A moderator is in-charge of keeping the forum nice, clean, and organized.
- He/She has the rights to warn members or ban members permanently.
- Every Categories have two(2) moderator.

Here are the few things that the forums doesn't have.

- Attachment
- Gallery
- Forum Theme
- own URL

Why? It's because of the fact that we are only using a free webhost to host the forums and we don't have the money to pay for it. We are working for it. About the forum themes. We are finding someone who has the sufficient knowledge on photoshop and html so that we can have an original theme. If you are interested of helping us, feel free to PM me.

By the way, Please read all stickies before posting. It will help you guys a lot. And don't forget to
read the rules.

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